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Challenging Education: Meaningful responses to complex behaviour in an inclusive educational environment

22 augustus 2018
Datum: 1 mei 2019
Tijd: 09:00 tot 17:00

Being a teacher offers us the opportunity to excel in what we are good at: seeing, understanding and responding to educational needs. It offers us the opportunity to make the difference for each child we come across in our career. It offers us the opportunity to encourage children to become competent, autonomous persons who feel connected to the society they live in. We help them to develop their talents so that they can contribute to the society in a way that is as rewarding for the society as for themselves. That there is a challenge in that for all of us, is the trick of the trade.

This conference is about educational challenges. How do we deal with all the different needs we come across in our classrooms? How can we limit the exclusion of children who have educational needs that require educational responses that are above and beyond our expertise? How do we deal with high potential learns at the same time when we have to deal with children who experience learning difficulties? How do we find ways to deal with the educational needs of students who are twice exceptional and at the same time, have eyes for those children who have experienced trauma in their lives?

This conference is about good practices. We take on a solution-focused approach and share what works in day to day practice. We are challenging delegates to participate in discussions and share their knowledge and expertise. The broad spectrum of topics offered ensures that every delegate will feel challenged.

How to book

More information can be found on the Slim! Educatief website. Starting 15th September 2018, bookings online* are possible via the Changing Behaviour website.

*You cannot book via the Slim! Educatief website

This conference is a British-Dutch joint venture of “Changing Behaviour” and “Slim! Educatief“

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