Keynote 'Learning to exhale'

Tijdstip: 12 oktober 2017 van 10:30 tot 11:30
Spreker(s): Jim Delisle (Spreker)

Meeting the intellectual and emotional needs of gifted children

Gifted children possess unique social and emotional needs that must be understood and appreciated before they can be addressed appropriately. In this session, Dr. Delisle reviews these needs and ways to deal with them both in school and at home. Some of the issues reviewed include understanding what giftedness is (…and what it is not), accepting personal imperfections in self and others, and recognizing the fact that being gifted means a whole lot more than simply being "smart". 

Using specific examples from his 39+ years as a teacher, counselor and parent of gifted kids, Dr. Delisle will bring the world of gifted children and teens to life for his audience. Gifted adults, being a grown-up gifted child, will recognize themselves, too.

Dr. James (Jim) Delisle retired from Kent State University in 2008 after 25 years of service there as a Distinguished Professor of special education.  For the past five years, Jim has worked part-time with highly-gifted 9th and 10th graders at the Scholars' Academy in Conway, South Carolina. He is the author of more than 250 articles and 19 books.

Some of his publications:

Doing poorly on purpose: Underachievement and the quest for dignity  (Expected publication date, 2018) - To be published by Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), Alexandria, Virginia

Dumbing down America:  The war on our nation's brightest young minds (and what we can do to fight back).  (2014) - Prufrock Press.

When gifted kids don’t have all the answers: How to meet their social and emotional needs. (2015/2002) - Free Spirit Publishing (Co-author: Judy Galbraith)

If I’m so smart, why aren’t the answers easy?: Advice from teens on growing up gifted. (2012) - Prufrock Press (Co-author: Robert Schultz)

The gifted teen survival guide, 4th Edition: Smart, sharp and ready for (almost) anything. (2011) - Free Spirit Publishing (Co-author: Judy Galbraith)

Parenting gifted kids: Tips for raising happy and successful children. (2006) - Prufrock Press

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