Keynote Linda Silverman

Tijdstip: 28 september 2016 van 10:30 tot 11:30
Spreker(s): Linda Silverman (Spreker)

Out of Sync in a Competitive World

Gifted individuals often feel estranged and lonely, not realizing what sets them apart; their giftedness is at the heart of this experience. Even highly successful individuals often feel like imposters waiting to be unmasked. When giftedness is removed from the competitive realm of recognized achievement, it becomes clear that it is atypical development, which leads to unique experiences throughout the life cycle.

Giftedness is a psychological reality. Asynchrony, complexity, sensitivity, intensity, empathy are lifelong characteristics that differentiate the experience of gifted individuals from birth to maturity. Acknowledging and accepting your giftedness leads to compassion for others and deeper understanding of yourself and your relationship with the world.